30 Day Juice Fast Experience

I'm sure everybody has heard of Juicing and people will be wondering is it really healthy, well here I'll explain why Juicing and juice fasting is really beneficial, and just about the healthiest thing we can add in our daily routine.

My Experiences

On day 2 of my juice fast, I almost instantly noticed an Increase in my energy levels, and my skin had already started to brighten up, my skin just Improved day by day, and my energy levels got higher and higher, I was able to breath alot more fluidly, and my head felt clearer, usually I need about 8 hours sleep minimimal, but whislt on a juice fast, I needed only 6 hours, and I was able to rise in the mornings alot more quickly. On the 10th day onwards, I noticed that I was passing oily sticky substances, which is caused by toxic accumulations in the digestive system, most people are backed up, and have purification in the small intestines, colon and the aiimentary canal in general, I feel alot lighter now, and over all juiceing is a really amazing experience,
I recommend it to everybody, my stomach has no fat anymore and i I'm 31 years old, and my stomach was starting to get a little bit stretched should I say, from over the YEARS, and most people's do when they reach 28 onwards, but that's not the case now, and with juice fasting I have found it to be effective in tightening your stomach area, burning fat, and loosing weight in the healthiest way, whislt also flooding your body with beneficial nutrition.

Detox Symptoms

Just be aware that I am an experienced Raw Foodist so my body can handle deep detoxification protocols like a juice fast, with out the detox symptoms that most will experience, although I experience some, it will be far greater in the average person, you can develop symptoms such as, stomach upset, headaches, brusing, pains In your stomach area, tiredness, irritability, diarrhoea, rashes, break out of spots, kidney pains, detox
symptoms should taken in a positive light, and its an Indictation the body is in the process of healing. To avoid these things eat a mostly raw diet for 7 days before you begin the fast, having some support from a practitioner can also be good for helping you complete your fast with minimal confusion.


1) Carry on Juicing for breakfast every morning, since your body will be used to having a healthy juice every morning, it would be wise to continue to do so.
2) Break your fast with a mono fruit meal, this is the easiest meal for your body to digest, and will not cause strain on you.
3) Avoid eating junk food, don't ruin your hard work.
4) on your day of breaking your fast, take your time when your about to eat, smell the food and imagine eating it, to prepare your digestive enzymes for the task of digestion.

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